Joyetech Exceed D19 Overview

In the event it arrived, the Joyetech eGo AIO was widely considered the very best starter-stage vaping product available on the market, but that was nearly two years in the past. That’s quite a long time in this market, and even though the eGo AIO continues to be extremely popular, Joyetech decided that it was time for a new and enhanced version of their beginner-undefined friendly vaporizer. Go into the Joyetech Exceed D19 starter kit.

Just before we receive into the nitty-gritty of the review, I simply want to stress that this is an entrance-undefined stage gadget, mainly created for people who smoke trying to change to vaping. It’s not packed full of advanced functions such as the mods I usually evaluation on Vape Stands, it doesn’t have the best battery life, and vapor production is simply typical, but that fails to turn it into bad merchandise, not at all. It’s basic by design, to really make it more appealing to cigarette smokers searching for a speedy success of smoking, who don’t wish to bother with settings, building coils and all of that. So if that’s the product you’re looking for, continue reading, otherwise, you’re most likely not likely to be too amazed by all the Exceed D19.

A peek at the Items

The Joyetech Surpass D19 will come in a small rectangle-shaped cardboard package, using a published image of the e-cigarette imprinted around the entrance, and a listing of elements, business info and genuineness scuff sticker around the back.

In the packaging, we have the constructed Exceed D19 put next to a reduced cardboard box which has the micro USB charging you cable television, a spare coil mind, an added window reservoir, and some o-bands. Also within the kit are user manuals for both the D19 tanks and also the battery power, and also a handful of attractive decals, an educational credit card on planning the reservoir for initially use, and a guarantee greeting card.

The Exceed D19 started out the package is really a good supplying, and i also especially such as the included alternative container, which we don’t often see within these rudimentary packages. If you’ve ever dropped and damaged a glass reservoir, you are aware of how crucial this accent could be.

Design and style and Build Quality

The Joyetech Go beyond D19 is exactly the exact same dimensions since the popular eGo AIO – 118 mm taller and 19 mm in diameter – but, in contrast to its old sibling, it’s not an all in-one-product. The reservoir is removable, which Joyetech promises make it easier to clean up, and in addition comes with the added bonus of being compatible with other gadgets, because of the 510 threading.

For this evaluation, I acquired the black Surpass D19, but Joyetech also can make it available in white, stainless, dark orange along with a black& white two-tone version. That last one is the ideal searching of these, for me, however, i imagine this will depend on individual desire.

The Go beyond is certainly not probably the most amazing vaping gadget ever created. It’s comprised of a cylindrical electric battery featuring just a plastic material fire button along with a micro-USB slot, along with a 19 mm tank with changeable airflow. It’s rather basic, but that’s what the company hopes is likely to make it attractive to cigarette smokers in search of a less dangerous alternative.

Just like the eGo AIO, the Joyetech Exceed D19 has a battery power capability of 1500 mAh, which not may seem like very much, but also for a device that only fires among 4.2V and 3.7V, depending on how charged the battery is, it’s actually decent. At the top, the battery features a Directed engagement ring that works as a life of the battery indicator. Once the electric battery is in between 60undefinedPercent and 100% charged, the red-colored light-weight remains illuminated, when it’s in between 30undefined% and 59undefined% charged, it flashes slowly and gradually, among 10% and 29undefinedPercent the battery flashes reasonably, and among % and 9undefinedPercent, it flashes fast.

The container is among the most amazing thing about this gadget. It features a 2 ml e-liquid capacity, a top-notch satisfying method that may be achieved by unscrewing the Delrin best cover, as well as a fascinating airflow ring on the bottom which allows users to adjust the airflow for both MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping and immediate lung vaping.

The reservoir only has airflow using one area, however, it has two styles of slots to pick from. You will find a classic cyclops slot for immediate-lung vaping, and three little slots for MTL vaping. The ring is adaptable, with stoppers on both sides, so that you can establish the airflow in accordance with your preference. There’s absolutely nothing preventing from making use of the incorporated MTL coil using the larger airflow slot, or perhaps the .5Ω immediate-lung coil using the more compact slot machines.

The 2 coils within the Surpass D19 starter kit will not seem too impressive for a person employed to intense sub-ohm vaping, however for somebody approaching away tobacco cigarettes, they actually offer an excellent vaping experience. The MTL coil features a very narrow airflow shaft, which, combined with the MTL-design airflow slots in the tank, ensures a very restrictive cigarette smoking-like attract, as the .5Ω primary-lung coil is airier but produces far more vapor.

The Joyetech Go beyond D19 is not really an adjustable wattage vaping device, but you’ll realize that the coils have advised vaping ranges etched upon them. That’s since the container is detachable and you can use it with mods that really allow you to establish the power production.

Battery Life and General Performance

The Joyetech Surpass D19 battery power has a capacity of 1500 mAh. Battery life differs on how often you use it, and what sets you to happen to be making use of it in. Like earlier Joyetech access-undefined stage vaporizers, the Surpass D19 functions two settings – direct productivity and constant voltage. You are able to move between them by extended-undefined demanding the power switch once the battery is switched off. A white-colored LED engagement ring represents immediate production, plus orange lighting, continuous voltage.

In “direct output”, the battery discharges its real voltage, starting up at 4.2V when fully charged, all the way down to under 3.7V. Because of this, you will notice a constant reduction in vapor manufacturing until the battery dies.

In “constant voltage”, the battery maintains a continual voltage constantly. Vapor creation will remain the same up until the battery suddenly dies.

Clearly, constant voltage looks like the best option, however, you may realize that the battery doesn’t final so long as in immediate productivity setting.

I actually have mostly been using the Joyetech Go beyond in constant voltage setting, and I’ve been getting about 7 hrs of use out of it. Nonetheless, I am a huge vaper, so beginners and everyday users will likely get a little more vaping time out of it.

With regards to efficiency, the Joyetech Go beyond D19 is really very impressive for a beginner-undefined level gadget, offering good clouds of vapor in primary lung function, and excellent flavor in MTL mode. It reminds me most of the old eGo AIO, but the addition of that two-mode airflow system on the container causes it to be a bit little bit better.

I’ve had no difficulties with the unit in the 2 weeks that I’ve been testing it for. There’s almost no postpone in battery activation when demanding the fireplace switch, and I’ve skilled no dripping using the tank. The only real downside is that you have to vape all the fruit juice in order to eliminate the coil, or else you’ll drip all the juice inside.


The Joyetech Exceed D19 is really a worthwhile successor to the throne organized for so long by the well-known eGo AIO. It has full functionalities that created the AIO the master of entrance-undefined stage vaping gadgets and actually surpasses it in adaptability. The revolutionary airflow system in the D19 tank enables you to tweak both MTL and primary lung function to perfection, and the fact that it is a detachable device signifies that you can use the reservoir using a greater strength device in the event you so wish.

The Joyetech eGo AIO was always my initial advice to smokers wanting to give vaping a shot, but the new Surpass D19 just seems like a much better gadget. And with a price of just $19.00, it’s going to be tough for the competitors to overcome it.

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Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN Starter Kit

joyetech atopack penguin
Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN Starter Kit is the newest all-in-one style device released by Joyetech. It is a tiny starter kitthat gets its name from its penguin-like design, with an attractive color and compact size, makes it simple, cool and smooth to hold. Features an innovative ceramic cradle, a juice vertical injection coil, fast charging, an 8.8ml refillable e-juice cartridge and is said to produce massive vapor with plenty of flavor thanks to a ceramic base inside the coil.
joyetech atopack penguin
With 2000mAh built-in battery capacity, Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN
features new introduced JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) system with unique vertical e-juice injection protection, which has a brilliant ceramic cradle. It takes a horizontal approach in discovering original and pure flavors as well as huge clouds. ATOPACK PENGUIN Kit supports 2A quick charge and five colors to make the starter kit more charming.
joyetech atopack penguin
Joyetech’s Atopack Penguin is quite the looker, but don’t be fooled as it packs some innovative features that have yet to be seen in other devices! One of the Penguin’s most interesting features is its innovative JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) System which is a unique method of wicking in which a vertical wicked coil sits below the tank. This allows the material to absorb only as much liquid as it needs. Aside from its innovative coil design, the Penguin closely resembles pod style devices but the kicker is that it offers far more battery life and eliquid capacity.

Atomizer Capacity: 8.8ml
Maximum output wattage:50W
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Colors: Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue

Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN comes with
1pc ATOPACK Cartridge 8.8ml
1pc ATOPACK Coil (PG1 0.6ohm)
1pc ATOPACK Coil (PG2 0.25ohm)
1pc QC USB Cable
1pc Warranty Card

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