Flavor based – CoilART DPRO RDA

The CoilART DPRO RDA, a 24mm rebuildable dripping atomizer, features a contemporary build deck design constructed out of the pinnacle of high quality materials.

coilart dpro rda tank

coilart dpro rda tank

The CoilART DPRO RDA sets users up with a quad terminal postless build deck, an intuitive airflow configuration system, a 24k gold plated deck with PEEK insulators, and a bottom feeding conversion kit, making the CoilART DPRO RDA an extremely versatile and open foundation device. The “floor” of the build deck consists of four terminal holes, measuring at 2.5mm in diameter each, which provides a large amount of empty space for users to experiment and construct many different coil structures. The build deck also makes great use of the 24k gold plating and PEEK insulators, which increase terminal conductivity and the device’s resistance to high temperatures, resulting in hard hitting coils and an increased longevity of the unit.

The airflow of the CoilART DPRO RDA streams through two airflow posts where each contains a 4.5mm diameter air hole to provide maximum direct air-to-coil airflow coverage around the coils. Topped off with an 8mm widebore dip tip, the material in which the drip tip is constructed out of is designed to resist high amounts of heat for seamless comfort when in use.

coilart dpro rda tank

Equipped with a standard 510 pin right out of the box, the DPRO also includes a bottom feeding conversion kit to turn the CoilART DPRO RDA from a traditional RDA to a bottom feeding “squonk” device. The “Ultem” color option includes the DPRO’s signature ULTEM drip tip and extends this material not only to the drip tip, but the whole barrel of the atomizer which allows users to gain a slight view into the build deck and a greater resistance to wear and tear.

The CoilART DPRO RDA is an outstanding RDA for anyone looking for something a little more flavor based! If you are interested in it. You can preorder it on a Urvapin. You will get the best service with good price.

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First Look at Snowwolf Vfeng 230w

When I first looked at Snowwolf Vfeng 230w, the thing came to me is the transformers. It is officially said that Snowwolf Vfeng 230w TC Box Mod has a Robbot design and is made of stainless steel and zinc alloy. Powered by dual high drain 18650 batteries, the maximum output of Snowwolf Vfeng 230w TC Box Mod is 230W. Let’s check its elegance out!

Features & Specs.
Measurements: 46mm x 34mm x 87mm
Weight: 460g
Materials: stainless steel and zinc alloy
Colors: black, stainless steel, yellow
Robot shaped form factor
Snowwolf logo with changeable LED
LED colors: pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, green
Over-sized hexagon fire button
1.3″ TFT display with color changeable font
Utilizes dual 18650 cells
Micro USB charging
Power output range: 10W to 230W
Full temperature control suite
Resistance range: 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω

Vfeng 230w

Vfeng 230w

SnowWolf Vfeng 230w is available for preorder at Urvapin, both the mod– SnowWolf Vfeng 230W TC Box Mod and the kit–SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit
To buy electronic cigarette online, Urvapin is always your best choice to find bountiful cheap vape deals.

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Introduction of Puff AVATAR RS DNA 75W mod

Unpacking the package we see the Puff Avatar RS 75W DNA Mod (Battery not included), one Charging Cable, one Gift Box and one User Manual.

The paint of Puff AVATAR RS DNA 75W mod is smooth. There is no paint defects and paint is not easily knocked off.

puff avatar rs 75w dna mod

LED lamp chamfer is delicate, and especially the hollowed-out line groove are all polished meticulous without burr. LED lamp design is undoubtedly RS75’s biggest features. In today’s electronic cigarette equipment it is already far beyond the nature of the chips, while with essential strength, it also has a certain level of appearance and new pattern to achieve “personality”. That is what more and more vapers are pursuing.

Puff AVATAR RS DNA 75W doesn’t have any advantage in size. Because of the LED lighting layout and space constraints, RS75 overall volume will between single battery mod and double battery mod. According to portability, RS75 appears a little heavy. But just because it is not mini, with shining LED lights, it feels cool holding on hands when in ignition.
puff avatar rs 75w dna mod
The mod is supported by single 18650 battery. The battery life seems to be the biggest problem. Putting aside the performance, actually taking a backup battery is not a very troublesome thing. Vapers may care about whether the LED light will make the battery life shorter. In fact, the LED light doesn’t consume much power.

Puff AVATAR RS DNA 75W mod with DNA75 chipset undoubtedly ensures the inner function and also display the beauty of appearance design. For more details about it please go on Urvapin. The Puff AVATAR RS DNA 75W mod is on preorder. The dates ends on August 8, 2017. Hurry up! You can’t miss it!

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Limitless LMC 200W box mod

50W Zelos by Aspire mod with Nautilus 2 mouth to lung 2ml tank

What’s the secret to enjoying every e-liquid to the fullest? Flexible performance, and that’s exactly what you get with the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit. This box mod starter kit includes the acclaimed Aspire Zelos 50W box mod, the Aspire Nautilus 2 mouth to lung 2ml sub ohm tank and a pre-installed 1.8Ω 18-23W BVC coil, plus an additional 0.7ohm BVC Coil, giving you the essentials required to fully savor the flavor of your favorite e-juices at wholesale prices.

Different e-juices vaporize ideally under unique conditions. That’s why the box in the Aspire Zelos50W Starter Kit gives you the ability to customize its performance with ease. You can adjust the power output of the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod from 1 to 50 watts. Resistance and voltage can be adjusted by .1 increments, so you can fine-tune the power output to suit your exact needs.

To maximize the flavor profile of your favorite e-juices, the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod offers temperature control performance. The box mod in the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit can support Ni200, titanium and three different types of stainless steel coils, keeping the temperature within ideal range to produce flavorful vapor that never tastes burned.

The Aspire Zelos 50W Kit is truly designed for life on the go. The vape mod measures 128 millimeters in height by 23 millimeters in width by 38 millimeters in thickness, making it small enough to fit in your pocket. Sleek and simple to grip, the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod has an anodized aluminum finish that is resistant to wear and tear but lightweight for easy handling. A powerful built-in 2500mAh Li-Po battery lets you vape for hours before you need to recharge with the included cable.

Controlling the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod is a simple task. The two adjustment buttons are intuitively positioned, and the bright .69-inch OLED display lets you gain insight into performance with just a quick glance. As you move the Aspire Zelos 50W box, the display flips and rotates automatically just like the screen on a smartphone. This way, you can see the data without having to turn your head.

The Aspire Nautilus 2 tank included in the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit is designed with the needs of flavor enthusiasts in mind with a prominent drip top. The 2-milliliter Nautilus tank boasts advanced BVC coil technology with a bottom vertical structure that enhances the taste of vapor.

Its design promotes wicking, ensuring that a steady stream of e-juice is vaporized for reliable performance, even through long vaping sessions. A short chimney further improves the taste of vapor.

With five airflow holes, the Aspire Nautilus 2 tank gives you the freedom to set the resistance at the exact level that you desire. You can adjust the airflow to move through just one hole for a restrictive, satisfying draw or leave the holes open for a free movement of air. The top-fill design of the tank in the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit makes refilling on the go so simple.

Prepare to taste your favorite e-juices in a whole new way. Get the box mod starter kit made with flavor connoisseurs like you in mind. Order the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit today.




IJOY Captain Subohm Tank VS Uwell Crown 3


  1. The top cap can be screwed out easily ,convenient for refilling.
  2. The coil can be pulled out directly, simple for changing coils.
  3. Two types of multiple-coil brings differentflavors and vapor.
  4. Multiple colors of the two atomizers for choice.



  1. Tank Capacity: Uwell Crown 3-5ml, IJOY Captain 4ml
  2. Ijoy Captain has a design of groove in the middle of the tank that can reduce the heat conduction; Uwell doesn’t have such a design.
  3. The inflow into IJOY Captain is more stable and mild. The dome design in the atomizer can help to produce much denser and softer vapor;  The inflow of Uwell  Crown 3 is fierce.
  4. The drip tip of IJOY Captain is much wider and the diameter of the upper part is bigger than that of the lower part. Such design is helpful for collecting the reflux condensation and thus reduce the condensation into the mouth; Uwell Crown 3 has different-colored drip tips and the drip tip is attached witha top cap that you can cover the drip tip when it’s not in use and can also block the dust.
  5. Ijoy Captain is pre-installed with a CA2 coil which is formed of heating wires made of different materials. Such a coil can bring a higher reduction degree of the flavor and the gold-electroplated bottom of the coil is of better electrical conductivity. The coil installed in Uwell Crown 3 is a single-coil and its bottom is not gold-electroplated.  Ijoy Captain C8A can allows a maximum 120w output, while Uwell Crwon 3 only supports a maximum 90w output.

Tesla Nano 120W Mod–Excellent Experience

This is right feeling and experience when a reviewer received his item tesla nano 120W Mod.

I got this mod from Urvapin about 4 days ago and I am absolutely loving this thing! Not only is it by far my most aesthetic mod, it is a total beast. I had batteries all ready to go (paired LG HG2s) but I had no idea the finish on this copper-colored mod (Valentine) would be this beautiful. I am a tank vaper and I have black and silver tanks but no rose gold/copper tank. Yet. I have on on the way now that I know this is going to be my primary mod for the foreseeable future. For now I am running a Freemax Starre Pure tank on it. Ceramic is my preferred wick of choice, you see.

I received my mod via DHL 4 days after shipment, which is definitely a record for an order coming out of China. Right away I was impressed with the beautiful box the mod comes in. I can’t speak for the other colors in this series, but the rose gold one came in an easy-access box that’s gold on the bottom with a white lid that has a cool steampunk design embossed across the top of the lid. Upon opening the lid I just took a second to enjoy the beauty of this mod. It truly is gorgeous. I lifted it out of the box and was immediately impressed by the solid feel of the mod itself, and then by the glossy brushed copper finish. It looks and feels like solid copper! I popped in the batteries and the screen sprang to life. It’s nice and bright and very easy to read. I put the Pure tank on it and noted that the screen shows resistance, voltage, wattage (cuz that’s how I roll), “taste,” (set to hard, also how I roll), output mode (KA), battery level, and memory mode. I easily figured out that to change menu settings you just hit the fire button 3 times and move through the menu by hitting either the up or down buttons. To access the submenu you just hit the fire button. When the menu is on the battery menu you hit the fire button to see the version information. The thing I like best about the battery menu is that you see a bar on the screen AND the actual battery percentage right next to it. I noticed that when the battery is full to about 1/4 full the percentage doesn’t change often. When the battery gets very low on power I can watch the percentage change. I went from 7% to 4% with one long puff, lol!
This mod has really impressed me by how stable the vape is. I get the exact same hit every single time. No drop-off, no random ramp-up time (no ramp-up time at all!), and the temp is the same on each and every pull. I have not had to adjust my settings at all in the past 4 days. I honestly can’t say that for any of my other mods!

Battery life is as good or better than I expected for a dual 18650 mod. It seems to use power very efficiently. I get 2 days’ worth of charge out of a set of batteries and I am vaping on it constantly when I am not at work and the batteries are draining evenly.

The on/off switch has to be the coolest feature this mod offers, and there are a LOT of cool features. I have carried it with me to work and when out and about and it’s so easy to remember to simply flip the switch to the off position before I pocket (or purse) this mod and I never have to worry about it being set differently when I grab it to take a vape. It’s instantly ready to go as soon as it is flipped into the “on” position.

Once I get the new tank, an Ijust S (in copper, and because it will take the SS EUC ceramic coils with the Atlantis adapter) I will play with it in temp mode. Until then I can’t comment on how it works in TC but I have high hopes for it.

Overall, this is a very solid, well put-together mod with a little heft, an amazing hand feel, and no minuses so far. If you are considering picking up one of these mods, Urvapin has them for $43.99 for the next 6 days and I can say my experience with them has been wonderful.

Limitless Pulse Pod System Instructions

The Limitless Pulse Pod System is a joint collaboration with Limitless and PLY Rock. Together they have created a simple to use all in one device. One of its greatest features is a draw activated firing mechanism, no menus and no buttons, simply inhale and vapor is created! The Limitless Pulse features a 350 mAh, refillable pods, utilizes an unregulated design which maxes out at 8 watts. Intended to be an ultra-portable system, it is perfect for on the go vaping and features a user friendly design that is a must have! Here are the details of Limitless Pulse Pod System.

380mAh Internal Battery
2 mLPod  Capacity
Color Changing LED
Unregulated Power
Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
Micro USB Charging Port
Low Battery Warning
Low Resistance Protection

1x – Limitless Pulse Pod System
2x – Refillable Pods
1x – Micro USB Cable

Once you got Limitless Pulse Pod Systemin hand do you know how to use it?

First, make sure your pod is filled with e-liquid to prevent a dry vape. Once filled, make sure the pod plug is securely closed to avoid leaking. Then snap the top cap into place and insert the pod system into the Pulse device. Proceed to click the On/Off button 5 times quickly to turn on the device. You can now click the On/Off button from here to cycle through your color options which will illuminate upon inhalation. You can also click the On/Off button 3 times quickly to activate “Stealth Mode” if you do not wish to have color illumination. Note that the On/Off button is only to turn the device on and off, Now all you have to do is inhale and enjoy! If you want to buy one, look for it on urvapin.

First Look IJoy Captain PD270 Mod

What do you get if you mix a modern and luxurious-looking mod physique with state-of-the-art 20700 batteries, the newest in high-tech options, and a dependable firm identify with a confirmed monitor report of vaping product success? The reply’s apparent: the IJOY Captain PD270 Field Mod, in fact. This newest providing from one in every of vaping’s most trusted names goals to be the subsequent massive factor in vaping enjoyment and goals to prime the record of all the perfect field mods on the market. On this IJOY Captain PD270 Field Mod assessment, we’ll delve into its finer factors and see whether or not it truly has an actual probability of assembly that aim.

So, what’s so particular about this mod, anyway? Nicely, let’s start with the outside. In evaluating this gadget’s look to a number of different field mods out available on the market as we speak, one factor actually stands out: this factor’s exterior is simply beautiful. It has glossy, rounded edges, and stylish accents that assist to make sure that you’ll overlook all about its box-like form when you get used to having it round. The show display is giant, with vibrant white show info that will help you monitor settings and efficiency. Even the firing button will get in one which act, with a well-designed button that gives that high-tech look that’s so common lately.
In fact, aesthetics can solely take you thus far; it’s what’s beneath the hood that basically issues. On this case, these inner goodies embrace a mod that may use twin 20700 batteries – which some consider could be the vaping battery of the longer term.

It’s an outsized battery that gives 3000 mAh and sustained 40 A. In different phrases, they’re powerhouse power sources that ought to present vapers with all the facility they should meet their vaping calls for. IJoy apparently understands that some individuals are resistant to vary, nevertheless, because the firm consists of an adapter that may allow you to proceed to make use of these previous 18650 batteries should you so select. buy electronic cigarette online

Magic Tank– CoilArt AZEROTH RTA

Some vapers are attracted deeply by Azeroth RTA. I have no idea of the reason that vaper chase it and love it.

Let’s have a look on it. First look on it, you would think it is not special, just original like others. But learn about it and you would know, it is triple coils which would make more heavier and attractive cloud. This is the point that experienced players are interested in.

RTA tank is a kind of DIY, it need you to make coils by yourself on the tank. Azetoth RTA is a tank that has been improved, more practical and delicate.

For newbies, RTA is not a good choice. DIY is more complicate for them.

But for experienced player, RTA is absolutely a good good choice. Which will show your good experience and make you feel successful on making the coils. To Choose AZEROTH RTA would not let you feel regret.

One more advantage for AZEROTH RTA, when you fill the liquid, it won’t overflow depending on the design of top-filling.

Here are some tips, we need to pay attention to when make the triple coilsuing the 24G A1:

  1. Need to pay attention to the compactness of winding coils, the better the handmade, the faster coils fused while heating.
  2. To choose good quality heating coils; First, it own strong carbon deposition resistance; Second, it would make fast fusing coils while heating. After all you would need more time for re-making triple coils than duplicate coils.
  3. Pls keep the coil ends on the same length. You could measure one of coil ends without fixing firstly, and shear the other coil ends with similar length according to the first one, then fix all.
  4. When fix the coils, you do not need to mind the direction, you could adjust with winding bar after finish fixing, and also you have no need to fold the coil ends and so on.

SMOK TFV12 –A King?

SMOK, the crazy company that brought you the Cloud Beast is at it once again with the TFV12 Cloud Beast King.

There’s a new king in town and he’s a beast….

The TFV8, much like the original gangster TFV4, quickly set the standard for sub ohm tanks by raising the bar quite high. This also landed them a spot in the hearts of vapers everywhere. Is it possible for SMOK to outdo themselves? They’ve done it before, so why can’t they do it again?

Leave it to SMOK to figure out how to cram twelve coils into one coilhead. When they got up to eight, we thought it was getting out of hand but a dozen coils!? Jesus Christ dude. There will be a wide range of other coil options available in addition to these crazy duodenary coil heads.

The SMOK TF-series had been known to deliver great flavor and I’m predicting that the TFV12 will only exceed that standard. The question now is by how much? The flavor on the TFV8 is the closest experience to a dripper you can get from a tank, in my opinion. If the TFV12 can top that, why bother dripping?

The SMOK TFV12 has a 6mL capacity, which is good because it probably goes through more juice than a day care center. The TFV12 is heat resistant and explosion proof, whatever that means. The Cloud Beast King has a 27mm “chest” and it comes in a variety of awesome colors.

I think this tank is going to be very popular since the trends are now leaning towards quad-cell mods that are capable of above 300W. I don’t know why you would ever need such a hot vape but if you do, the Cloud Beast King can handle it. I wonder how it will compare to the iJoy EXO.

How do you think the TFV12 is going to compare to the original Cloud Beast TFV 8? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts. Did SMOK lose their minds or are they changing the vape game, one beast at a time? I feel that Cloud Beast King is like the Hummer of subtanks.