Hellvape fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank review

The Hellvape Fat Rabbit gives us an atomizer with little novelties. In the latest several weeks, the vape marketplace has endured an actual sub-ohm tsunami. Nerd Vape along with his Zeus, OFRF along with his NexMesh without forgetting the TFV16 and Valyrian 2. That’s a good program. In contrast to RTAs and RDAs, the vaper is forced to get new coils each time.

And the manufacturers often justify themselves by proclaiming that the fashion is at Mesh would be that the rebuildable in Mesh is not really yet created. Even when we can swing a Kylin M Vandy Vape inside their deal with to show that they are wrong.

Increase Airflow for Hellvape Body fat Rabbit

But unlike all of the atomizers which come out, the Hellvape Body fat Rabbit provides two novelties. The first is that it offers a double Air-flow, the first at the top as well as the 2nd in the bottom. We all do not often see this kind of setting. In other people’s atomizers, we now have several airflow cyclops down. So, it’s equally a positive and negative point.

Both Airflows are in Cyclops. When they had set an Airflow with openings, then we would have had a true polyvalent Airflow system. We could even do restrictive DL, but that’s difficult. By using these two airflows, the Fat Rabbit can become very airy or perhaps a little limited.

And this will be essential that Hellvape exams his items every once in a while, as it proposes two coils in Mesh with Hellvape Excess fat Rabbit. Classic, but he dares to tell us that this tank can be used for MTL. Both coils are respectively .15 ohm and .20 ohm. A person goes to say to Hellvape that no, we can’t do MTL with .20 ohm…

However, the atomizer has a good design. The style is really stunning, the capacity is 5 ml with a pyrex bubble and another pyrex for 2 ml. It’s pretty small and maybe I’m incorrect, he can do MTL. Since if the Hellvape Fat Rabbit is aery when I believe, the capability of 2 ml is ridiculous.

Compatibility with many coils

Hellvape has always provided us good products with all the Rabbit family members. The Dead Rabbit in RTA continues to be one of the best in terms of cloud chasing after. So, we could assume very good clouds with the Hellvape Excess fat Rabbit. And where I’m pleased with this atomizer is that it provides its coil in OCC, a regular designed by Kangtech.

Hellvape confirms that Excess fat Rabbit will continue to work with Smok’s TFV8 Baby Beast coils, Vaporesso’s GT, Geekvape’s Aero and many others. Since the Infant Beast is itself suitable for coils like Eleaf HW (for your Ello atomizer). And it’s a thing that I really appreciate. I have no issue with the atomizers, actually, that’s what I make use of the most (greetings to my TFV8 Infant crumbling on all sides).

But tend not to take vapers for cash cows by creating each new coil, specifically for a single atomizer. Produce atomizers weekly if you want, but keep the compatibility of coils! So, this can be a very good stage for the Body fat Rabbit plus it could get noticed clearly from your others.

Will be the purchase worth the cost?

In case you are an enthusiast of the Rabbit family members, then you would like to add it to your selection. Understanding that it is the first atomizer in the variety. Nevertheless, I actually do not believe this atomizer would match in my opinion, simply because despite just what the company claims, it is driven for clouds.

And also the facial area of the atomizer tells us the grandpa vape, it’s not his point. But the dual Airflow is interesting and the compatibility in the coils means that you can use it for a long time. If Hellvape experienced just place the Top Airflow, then he could have experienced an atomizer that would not have leaked. And then he could be used by vapers in the plethora of 30 to 50 watts. For this particular a single, it can start at 40 watts to shows all its power.


Brand: Hellvape
Diameter: 25mm (28mm of Widest Point)
Capacity: 5ml/2ml
Drip: 810 Widebore Drip
Connection: 510 connector
Coils Type: 0.2ohm Single Mesh Coil (H7-02)
0.15ohm Quad OCC Coil (H7-03)


1 x Fat Rabbit Sub Ohm Tank
1 x Quad OCC Coil 0.15 Ohm(H7-03)
1 x Single Mesh Coil 0.2 Ohm(H7-02)
1 x Hellvape Sticker
1 x Accessories Bag
1 x Spare Bubble Glass
1 x Instruction Manual

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