Smok Nord Pod Kit Review

The SMOK Nord Pod System is a small hybrid pod device that has the added bonus of not only having a refillable pod but replaceable coils!Smok Nord Kit art header

Smok is a prolific e-cigarette manufacturer based in China; So they need no introduction to the wider vaping community.

Smok has quite a few pods on the market and in their back catalogue including the Novo, the excellent Mico and the Infinix.

How did we find the Nord Pod? Was it a case of oh lord not another Pod kit? Or is it redeemable in our eyes? Let go take an up and close look at it and find out……………..Smok Nord Kit os wall

This kit was sent to us by Smok for the purpose of this review. As always my thoughts and views are my own after considerable testing

In The Box

  • 1x Smok Nord Mod
  • 1x Nord Pod
  • 1×0.6ohm sub ohm coil
  • 1×1.4ohm MTL coil
  • 1xUSB cable
  • User manualSmok Nord Kit full

Main Specs/Features

  • Size: 94x30x18.8mm
  • Battery: 1100mAh (internal)
  • Output: 10-15W
  • E-liquid capacity: 3ml (standard) / 2ml (EU)
  • Coils: 0.6Ω Mesh and 1.4Ω regular
  • Colours available: black, gold, green, red, rainbow and black/white

Design and Build Quality

The Nord Pod System comes well displayed in a small card box with a paper over sleeve.

I’ve got to mention that Smok have included their new anti counterfeit sticker on the box.Smok Nord Kit anti

The SMOK Nord has been designed well with a great quality of manufacture, the device measures 94mm in height, 30mm in width and just 18.8mm in depth with the pod attached and weighing in at around 80g.

The device is made, primarily, of a zinc alloy with the pod being made of plastic. As extras you get a very short micro usb cable and 2 different types of coil.Smok Nord Kit ready


It’s a very well made pod, it has plastic face panels that have a honeycombed pattern the rest of the body is a zinc alloy that holds an 1100mAh integrated battery.

The front has a central fire button that has an Led light that indicates the battery state/usage.Smok Nord Kit fire buttonBranding is at a minimum with “Smok” on the front, the back has “Nord” as well as the normal safety marks.Smok Nord Kit front and backInside where the pod sits you will see 3 contact points.Smok Nord Kit contact pointsThe bottom of the device houses the micro USB charge point.Smok Nord Kit usbThe sides of the Nord have been rounded off for a comfortable feel in the hand.Smok Nord Kit in hand 1


Made of 2 tone plastic it will hold 1 of the 2 supplied coils in the clear section.SMOK Nord coilsThe fill port is located on the side of the pod under the mouthpiece section and is covered with a rubber bung.Smok Nord Kit fill portThe mouthpiece, by the way, is super comfortable and feels a lot more durable than the rest of the pod.Smok Nord Kit mpMy pod is the standard 3ml while in the EU they will be 2ml in size.

The pod is pressure held into the device, with no movement or wobbling. When the pod is full and in position in the mod you have a little window so you can check out your liquid level although it is difficult to get a good view as the window is so small.Smok Nord Kit in hand

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There are two coils that come along with the kit, DTL 0.6Ω mesh coil and a MTL 1.4Ω round wire coil.Smok Nord Kit both coilsThere is no mention of what material the coils are made from! My best guess would be Kanthal as I’ve had no adverse reaction in using either of them!Smok Nord Kit wire types

Basic Quick Start Guide

Please ensure the Mod is fully charged before first use.

Tip: Empty any remaining liquid before changing coils or you will make a mess!

Filling etc

  • Choose which coil suits you best
  • Pre wick the coil by dropping a little liquid onto the coil and cottonSmok Nord Kit wick coil
  • Insert coil into the podSmok Nord Kit coil in
  • Unplug the fill port and fill with a liquid of your choice and re plug!Smok Nord Kit fill pod
  • Re assemble the pod into the Nord mod and leave for a few minutes so the cotton can soak up more liquid
  • 5 quick clicks of the fire button will turn the Nord on and off

Enjoy your new Nord Pod system.

Battery lights

  • Low power = Red
  • 30 and 70% = Orange
  • 70 and 100% = GreenSmok Nord Kit leds
  • After a full charge the light will go out
  • Firing the mod the light will be white
  • To check your battery state press the fire button twice

How Does the SMOK Nord Pod System Perform?

For this review I tested both the DTL 0.6Ω coil and the MTL 1.4Ω coil.

I filled the pod with Double Drip 80/20 coil sauce “Crystal Mist” after I’d tipped in a 20mg Salt Nic 10ml shot (leaving the liquid to steep for a few days) making my 50ml short fill bottle 60ml with approx 3.5mg of Nicotine.Smok Nord Kit with liquid

I can honestly say I’ve never really been a huge fan of Pod systems even though I have tested many of them in the past. I’ve always tried to be as objective as I could but I personally prefer to vape on something that has a bit more weight and a higher wattage than a pod system can produce.

I find most pod systems are mouth to lung (MTL) with low vapour production and a tight draw (not my style). Many pod systems also have tiny batteries, which frustrates the heck out of me lol, that’s not to say it’s all bad with a pod system far from it, most of them give a better than average flavour production; with being a flavour chaser myself is right up my alley.

MTL Coil – 1.4Ohm

Starting with the 1.4Ω coil, I can truthfully say in the 8hrs I used the coil the flavour was extremely good!

However, as I said the tightness of the coil (while not super tight) did lead to me being frustrated with the draw lol. To give you point of reference years ago I used the Nautilus mini with the 1.6Ω bvc coil on an Innokin itaste VV/VW V3, while the draw was ok, the flavour was out of this world especially with the liquid I used to use back then “T-Juice, Red Astaire”.

The flavour from the Nord with a 1.4Ω coil is comparable if not better with the e-liquid I am using today, while the vapour production (MTL) from the Nord was a little disappointing for me personally although it was still, nevertheless, pretty good.Smok Nord Kit side b side

DTL Coil – 0.6Ohm Mesh Coil

Now this is where the fun began for me.

I was totally surprised at the quality and vapour production that the 0.6Ω coil gives, ok so while the SMOK Nord pod with the 0.6Ω mesh coil installed is never going to be a major cloud chucker the volume was very acceptable as was the flavour production.

The only other hybrid pod system I have ever been somewhat satisfied with that gave me similar results was the Aspire Breeze 2 apart from the battery life that is lol.

The Nord Airflow was a little on the loose side but not overly so, I would have like to see an option to alter the AF but hey this is a pod system it’s meant to be simple and foolproof right!Smok Nord Kit holly bush

The coil prices at my local B&M store were a little on the expensive side for a 5 pack, however the kit price is nice and cheap and well worth the punt.


The Smok® Nord has an integrated internal battery of 1100mAh that produces up to 15w of power, the device can be used as a pass-through. In other words you can vape the Nord while it’s on charge! Which I found totally impossible with the tiny charge cable. I mean check it out Smok Nord Kit usb cable

I managed a full 8 hrs vape time with the MTL coil, however with the DTL coil the battery lasted just under 4hrs, still very good for a unit with this sized battery. The recharge can take up to 2hrs from flat which in my mind is rather slow for such a small battery.Smok Nord Kit toot test


  • Well designed
  • Good quality
  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Good flavour production
  • Acceptable vapour production
  • Great MTL battery life
  • Acceptable DTL battery life
  • 2 different coils to test
  • Acceptable airflow
  • Cheap kit price


  • Very short micro USB cable
  • Charge time
  • Coil material not mentioned
  • 5pk coil price expensive

Final Review Verdict

The Smok Nord Kit pod system was a pleasure to test and even more so to use! I said earlier in this review that I’ve never personally been a huge fan of pod systems; the Nord has made me sit up and evaluate my statement somewhat – well at least with this pod system lol.

I think that with the inclusion of replaceable coils a refillable pod and a fairly decent sized battery has endeared this kit to me.

This is one of the best pod vape systems I have used and comes highly recommended by me as an all level vape.

Would I buy the SMOK Nord kit again should mine get damaged or stolen? That would be a BIG yes good buddy, in fact I am so impressed by it that I’m using the Nord as a 2nd carry around mod, if you do the same make sure you turn it off before putting it in your pocket lol.

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Augvape V200 Mod Review

Augvape is best known for its tanks, RDA and RTA, and I had the pleasure of seeing Merlin RDTA and Druga RDA, which I liked very much, while Mike Murphy looked at Merlin Mini RTA. It is rare for Augvape to enter the scene in the mod. In the past, they introduced them to the thick 60 zoom and the impressive appearance of ebony and brass by Gargas.

What’s in the box?

Well presented in a transparent plastic housing with the mod in sight – there is not much in it, but the USB cable is very nice and red.

Kit Content:

  • Augvape V200 box
  • USB charging cable
  • A user manual


  • Size: 87.5mm x 45mm x 29.2mm
  • Zinc alloy body
  • Output range from 5 to 200W
  • Atomizer resistance range from 0.05 to 3.0 ohms
  • Bypass mode
  • Mode V
  • 96-inch OLED display
  • The maximum charging current of 1.2A
  • Battery access door of the lower latch
  • Connections with gold-plated springs
  • Stainless steel thread 510
  • Spring-planted plated contact

Key Features

The design is obviously the real key here, with the designers of the Augvape V200 inspired by the Honda B VTEC (variable valve timing and electronic control) engine, more on that in a moment. This is a dual 18650 battery that runs between 5W and 200W and has a bypass mode. In short, Augvape has maintained this very old school. 510 is gold plated and in spring and Atascaduras and dryers 24 mm feel very good at the top, as they are in the 25, but can project with a little more.

The two main features are the shutter buttons and the “up and down” buttons.

First of all, the trigger is “hidden” – in the sense that a screen similar to the technological thinking TAP was first introduced with the way Cuboid mod Joyetech TAP. The up and down button is not a button but a wheel that must reproduce the oil filter cover of the famous engine.


Augvape V200 Mod Review 1

For the design, I have to say in my hand with the batteries, it’s really a moderately heavy engine block! It’s hard, but not overly; But you really know that you hold it, in fact, it is solid. The funky alloy wheel, which looks like 510, has a good intake with deep, soft wires, everything I’ve tried has been aligned.


  • Good design
  • Solid construction
  • Fast acceleration
  • x3 modes
  • Wheel function
  • Good battery life


  • Without temperature control
  • It could be heavy in the bag [use a belt]
  • It defaults to 10W when the functions are changed

How Does the Augvape V200 Work?

The lack of temperature control can bother some steamers, but I’m not a regular user so there are no problems for me. In Power mode, cycling through setups is a breeze that uses the wheel, which responds very quickly and moves a little faster during the movement, but not circular, but can hold it in a position high or low. I have nothing to measure when it weighs 200 watts, with a cool wind behind you it is possible because yes and here we go, this change hits hard! Especially in bypass mode, which plays a mod-mech.


As I said, Augvape went with the V200 in the old school and there is nothing wrong. In fact, with the market flooded with the Vapor of Plasticity LED over all the modalities of the dance, it is refreshing enough to have in my hands a solid device that works well and does not make sense. The design is beautiful, industrial and mechanical and is a nice tribute to an iconic car engine. It’s perfect for car enthusiasts and those who simply want a powerful vaporizer in a well-built device with a touch of extravagance.

I cannot recommend that enough. Which makes me wonder if I would buy the Augvape 200 mod again. The answer is yes, but since I recently did some new reels and reels to “cheer up”, I have to wait for a sudden sale.

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Now It’s Available :

Augvape V200 Box Mod

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GeekVape AEGIS Legend Kit Review

This past month or so has been very GeekVape-oriented. I’ve used both the GeekVape AEGIS and GeekVape AEGIS Legend more or less exclusively.

I’ve also had a blast testing both, though picking a clear winner out of the two is kind of impossible, as they’re so different.

They look similar, but they function slightly differently; the AEGIS is a slightly different shape and rocks those chubby 26650 cells.

The GeekVape AEGIS Legend is a more traditional dual-18650 cell mod.

Both are great, though, and today we’re going to be taking a closer look at the AEGIS Legend (and the vape tank it comes with).

Read on to find out

GeekVape AEGIS Legend Mod Design

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

Like the AEGIS, the AEGIS Legend mod is water and shock-resistant, meaning it can survive a pretty solid beating and a dip in the bath and/or pool.

Styling-wise, the two mods are also pretty similar; they feature a soft-touch, rubberized chassis, complete with zinc alloy and stainless steel.

The net effect of this is one hell of a robust mod. I also really dig the way it looks, feels in the hand, and the fact that if I drop it – which I do ALL the time – it doesn’t shatter or scratch.

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

The 510

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

Love The Leather Accents

The leather accent on the side, which is styled in a variety of different guises, finishes off the look and feel of the mod perfectly.

What I like most about these mods, however, is the attention to detail that is present throughout their industrial design.

Nothing has been left to chance. Every element feels perfectly designed and integrated. Some reviewers find this device too bulky, but I actually don’t mind it at all.

If you’re used to bigger mods, it’s really not that bad to handle.

Plus, I just really like the way it looks too.

From the carbon steel battery door to the leather accent on the side, the level of detail that has gone into this mod’s design is mesmerizing.

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

Fully Assembled

And this is NOT a $150-$200 mod, either.

Nope: it’s practically mid-range with its pricing 

And you also get a fairly impressive sub ohm tank too, in the form of the GeekVape AERO Mesh (more on that later though).

I don’t have any dislikes about this mod, or the way it looks. The only possible niggle is that the LSR Silicone aspect of the chassis is a bit of a pocket-lint magnet.

But other than that, this thing is 100% legit in every physical regard.

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GeekVape AEGIS Legend Kit Specs & Features

Rather than ramble on about ALL of this mod’s specs and features, I’ll just list the key points and then expand on them in the performance section, as some are more important than others.

Specs & Features:

  • Size: 90.5 x 58 x 30.6mm
  • MAX power output: 200W
  • Output mode: VW/VPC/TC/TCR/BYPASS/VPC
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm
  • Material: Aluminum + Zinc alloy + silicone
  • Battery: 2x 18650 cells (not included)
  • Temperature Range: 100-315℃/200-600℉
  • Level: IP67 waterproof and dust-proof; MIL STD 810G-516.6 military grade shockproof

GeekVape AEGIS Legend Mod Performance

My vaping experience with the AEGIS Legend is now pretty extensive, so I have quite a lot to talk about. But the bottom line is simple: it’s a beast.

Performance is excellent. The ramp up time, the consistency, the accuracy – all is very impressive.

This is the kind of vape mod that you use and simply forget about; it just diligently works away in the background without so much of a peep.

The updated AS Chipset provides support for a variety of vaping modes, including TC, Bypass Mode, and TCR.

Temperature Control vaping worked well in my tests, though I seldom use TC when vaping normally.

Bypass Mode, as always, is kinda insane – it’s just so bloody powerful. If you’re a newbie, I’d stay away from this setting.

It’s like turning traction control off in a super-car. Fun in the right hands, but also potentially dangerous.

I ran RTAs, RDAs, and, of course, sub ohm tanks on the AEGIS Legend and they all worked great. The coil recognition is accurate and quick, so you’re always up and running in the blink of an eye.

Solid, good-looking, reliable stuff, basically!

GeekVape AERO Mesh Sub Ohm Tank Review

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

The Top Cap Can Be Tricky To Get Off – Don’t Tighten It TOO Much 😉

I’m not the biggest fan of sub ohm tanks, if I’m 100% honest.

I prefer RDAs and RTAs. But when I’m testing kits, I’m always intrigued about the vape tank that comes with them.

In this context you have the AERO Mesh tank and, as the name suggests, it runs on the increasingly popular mesh-style of coils.

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

The AERO Mesh Tank

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

Flavor is decent. Very good, actually. I tested both coils that came with the pack and got a good 7-8 days out of both – not too bad for a sub-ohm coil.

It’s no Falcon or FireLuke Mesh, but for a kit-tank, it’s pretty damn good. I’ve had no real issues with it during my time, the flavor’s decent, and the coils last a good long while.

And you can’t really ask for much more from a kit-tank, in my opinion.

GeekVape AEGIS Legend Kit Battery Life

Battery life is OK, but only just. For some reason, this mod does seem to drain power faster than my Augvape V200.

I’m not sure why this is the case, it might be the display or poor power management. Either way, it’s decent enough to get you through a day’s worth of vaping.

GeekVape AEGIS Legend

The Flap is Where You’ll Find The MicroUSB For Firmware Updates

But overall performance is pretty wonky. Fingers crossed GeekVape can fix this with a firmware update.

Based on my usage of other mods, I’d say the AEGIS Legend is about 20-30% off the mark with battery performance.

Other than that, the AEGIS Legend is a solid, all-round vape kit well worth the asking price.

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