The Aspire Speeder comes in a classy, black box. Everything is on one level and very nicely packaged with the Athos tank. First impression is it’s a good looking setup. I like the way everything looks together including the tank on top of the mod. It’s a very elegant looking setup. Hopefully, this kit vapes just as good as it looks.


  • One Aspire Speeder 200W TC Box Mod
  • One Aspire Athos Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One A3 0.3 ohm Tri-Coil Head
  • One A5 0.16 ohm Penta-Coil Head
  • 12mm Bore Proprietary Drip Tip
  • 14mm Wide Bore Proprietary Delrin Drip Tip
  • USB Cable
  • Spare Parts
  • User Manuals
  • Warning Card

Aspire Speeder Kit Review



Before I even get into the review, I would like to apologize to my readers for the lateness of this review. I did promise my readers that I would get a review up as soon as possible, however, it seems like Aspire had different intentions. While I was promised a pre-release version, in reality, I did not get the mod that I tested for this review until well after the release. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to some of my readers. So, now, without any further ado, here is the full review of the Aspire Speeder Kit. I just want to reassure my loyal followers that this will, in no way, affect my opinion of this kit. It will still get a very fair review.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

On the top of the mod, we have a stainless steel 510 connection with stainless steel threading. While I have mainly been running the Athos tank on it, I have tried other tanks on this mod and they have all sat nice and flush on the Speeder mod. The 510 pin is gold plated with a firm yet springy-give to it. It has a really nice long throw to it as well. On the 510 connection platform, there are 2 cutouts for air to flow underneath your atomizer. The whole top is held in place by 3-star screws. If the screen is facing you, the 510 connection is on the right side of the mod. I don’t know why Aspire did that. This mod would have been absolutely fantastic had they just centered the 510 pin. How many times does every vaper in almost every forum have to say that they want mods with centered 510 connections? I just do not understand why companies like Aspire do not reach out in places like that and do their research. It doesn’t affect the vaping ability of the mod, it’s just disappointing that a lot of companies out there are just not listening.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

With the screen of the mod facing you, on the left side of it, we do have the firing bar. For a company that never did a firing bar before, I have to say that Aspire definitely knocked it out of the park on this one. This is a really nice firing bar that is clicky and responsive. It is an absolute joy to use and I really like the way they did it. My only gripe about the firing bar is that on the right side of the mod, they put cut out on it that looks exactly like the firing bar without the gold Aspire branding on it. The Branding on the left side is the only thing that differentiates the two. I would have rather them just left that side blank because when you first get this mod, sometimes you actually find yourself squeezing the wrong side. It’s a very petty thing to bring up but I had to bring it up because I felt it was important enough especially when the mod is new.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

On the backside of the mod, there is some Speeder branding. The overall shape of the mod is very curvy with a real oval type of shape to it. It reminds me a lot of The IPV 6X. The overall shape is extremely similar to that mod with the curves on the Speeder being much softer. It does have a nice feel in the hand as well as a good heft to it. It definitely is of quality construction. The finish on it is absolutely gorgeous. The paint has a nice satin look to it and it looks like it will be really durable. So far, as far as the shape, finish, and general aesthetics go, I can say I am very impressed.

On the bottom of the mod, we have the battery door. There are 8 vent holes on the exterior of the battery door. It is the type that has a little button that you pull forward to release a latch and the door will open up. It is a latch system type of battery door and so far, I have had no issues with it coming open by accident. On the interior of the battery door, we do have clearly marked negative and positive contacts. They are gold plated and button style. When you look inside the mod, you will see very clearly marked positive and negative battery contacts. The contacts on the interior of the tube are spring loaded and seem to be very nicely done. The interior of the battery tubes is some sort of plastic as well. Overall, one of the better battery doors I have seen in quite some time. The door closes very solidly and there is no battery rattle.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

On the front of the mod, we have the screen as well as the plus-minus buttons and the USB port. The screen is very nice and bright. So far, I have been able to see it in all lighting conditions including but in direct sunlight, it can give off a glare. The screen is laid out horizontally and I kind of wish it was a vertical screen. I think that type of screen would have gone a lot better with this type of mod. The screen does have an automatic flip feature to it, meaning no matter which way you hold the mod, the screen automatically flips so you can read it. It is a really nice feature and it does work very well. The screen flips extremely fast and there is no need to wait when you flip the mod. The information included on the screen are the watts, voltage, resistance, amps, locked unlocked, and the battery life. I like the way they laid the screen out and the font that Aspire used. It is a very clean looking well thought-out screen.

The plus and minus buttons seem to be of one piece. It’s just one rectangular bar across the front of the mod. The left side of the bar is the plus button and the right side of the bar is the minus button. They are both clicky and tactile feeling. The plus and minus button is not raised at all from the faceplate. It does sit flush against it. My only problem with the plus and minus button is they have no markings on them. I hate when mod companies do this. Maybe it’s just my OCD but I think when you make a mod, you should identify the plus and minus button. It’s the little things like that that really annoy me on a lot of mods that are being made today.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

Right underneath the combination plus and minus button, we have the update port. Yes, the Aspire Speeder Kit is firmware upgradeable and it does charge at 2 amps. While I have not seen an update released yet, I have tried the internal charging. One thing I really like about the internal charging is that it shows you both batteries as they are charging as well as the current amps that the batteries are charging at right on the screen of the mod. It also has a neat little feature that shows you how long the mod has been on the charger. This mod also has pass-through charging so if you are in a pinch, you can vape while you are charging it up. While I never recommend doing that, it is a feature that I do have to point out.

The Aspire Speeder Kit is available in three different colors. My kit was all black. The other two colors are white with gold accents and gray with silver accents. All 3 colors, in my opinion, have a very classy, elegant, look to them. Of course, because this is an Aspire mod you can expect that it has a lot of built-in protections. It does have an automatic cut-off protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, and reverse battery protection built into the chip.


Aspire Speeder Kit Review

This tank is a real looker. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Aspire Athos tank, it looks like no one in Aspire listened to any vaper anywhere. They did so many things wrong with this tank that it’s going to take me a long time to actually go over it.

First of all, we all know how I feel about female drip tips. Not only did Aspire in its infinite wisdom use a female drip tip but they used some type of plastic drip tip that I don’t believe is Delrin. It’s like a clear plastic drip tip that just seems extremely cheap and it is not well done at all. In fact, I really wouldn’t even call it a drip tip it’s more of just a cheap plastic covering. I mean, who told the Aspire that anybody ever wants a drip tip like this. It’s just ridiculous. To add insult to injury, the second drip tip is actually made out of Delrin but it needs to be threaded onto the male post. That would not be so bad but of course, the threading on the drip tip is Delrin. Really Aspire? Are you serious?

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

So if you hate and despise this drip tip like I do, you really have no choice. There is no way to swap it out and there is no way to change it up. You are forced to use the two stupid drip tips that Aspire included. Really, really, bad move and I can’t stand it when companies do this. It’s a shame too because I really like the wide opening that they used for this tank and it would have been phenomenal if they just used a Goon drip tip. I mean really Aspire, what the hell is so hard about putting a Goon drip tip on a tank? To bring a tank to market with this type of drip tip is just astonishingly naive. It’s not like Aspire is new to this. This is not their first rodeo.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

Now we get to the top cap. It does have some decent knurling on it. It does come on and off rather easily and the threading seems to be pretty good. The problem lies with the fill port this time. This might be one of the smallest fill ports I’ve ever seen on a mid to higher wattage sub ohm tank. It is so ridiculously small that the only thing that you could possibly fit in there is a needle nose drip tip. Even glass drippers will have a problem getting in there. You can forget about using any bullnose bottles unless you want to make a big mess. Not only is it small but the air hole on the other side is small as well. I mean really, who designed this thing and thought that this was a good idea?

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

One of the positive things about the tank is the metal sleeve. I really do like that part of the tank and I definitely appreciate the protection it offers. The problem with the metal sleeve is sometimes, when taking the .base off, it can be tough to keep the glass in place while trying to unscrew the base. Sometimes, you wind up with juice all over the place. That’s another thing Aspire didn’t even think of. I mean there’s really nothing holding the glass in place to stop the tank from leaking once you take the base off. They made sure that the metal piece stayed in place but there’s no big beefy o’ring holding the glass in place. So, when you take the base off with any type of juice in this tank, you have to be extremely careful that you don’t hit the glass because if you do, you are going to have juice all over the place. Again, who brought a tank like this in the market and thought it was a good idea? Just an absolutely ridiculous design.

Next, we have the base of the poor Athos tank. It’s threading on the interior of the base is very smooth and it does have two nice orings on the bottom interior of the base that seal up against the glass section. This is a bottom, triple airflow tank. Whatever you open up on one side happens on the other two. Sadly, the base of this tank is probably the best part of it. It seems to be the only part that any thought was put into. On the bottom of the base, we do have some Athos branding and a gold plated 510 pin. The threading on the housing of the 510 is smooth and I have not had a problem with my Athos tank sitting flush on any other mods.


In your Aspire Speeder Kit, you will get an A3 Kanthal coil head as well as an A5 coil. The A3 coil is rated from 60 to 75 watts and the A5 coil is rated from 100 to 120 watts. The A3 coil is okay but it’s just rated a little lower than where I normally vape. The other problem with this coil is it is extremely airy. That definitely hinders the flavor in a big way. It’s just way too much airflow a .3 coil. Even when I shut the airflow down on the Athos tank down, I still get a very weak flavored vape. I just don’t think that this is a very tasty coil. I have found my sweet spot to be right around 72 Watts. If I run it any lower, I just don’t have the cloud production or flavor that I enjoy. When I run this coil close to a limit, I get a somewhat decent vape but definitely not what I’m used to at this resistance and wattage.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

The second coil I tried was the A5 coil. Even though it’s rated from 100 to 120 watts, I still did not get very good flavor from this coil item. It does ohm out and .15 ohms but no matter what type of juice I put in it, it just seemed to be very bland in the flavor department. Again, I think this tank has way too much air flow and not enough heat coming off of the coil. I think that severely hinders the flavor. I mean, let’s take a look at its main competition which would be a tank like the Baby Beast or Big Baby Beast. Both of those tanks smoke this tank in the flavor and cloud production department. So as far as the tank goes along with its coil family, I would have to say that it’s a fail.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review

I think Aspire would have been better served if they made a tank that takes another manufacturer’s coils. So far, with the two that are included in this kit, I’m just not impressed. As far as the coils and tank go, I think the Aspire really needs to go back to the drawing board. This time, they need to do some research and find out what vapers really want. I can guarantee you that the Athos tank and coil system is not it.


If we are going strictly on looks, then I have to say that the Aspire Speeder Kit is a tough combination to beat. The tank just looks phenomenal on this mod and I think the mod has an extremely elegant look. It’s definitely one of the better form factors on the market today and I really do enjoy using it. It is an easy carry and it has some really good pocketability to it. I like the color choices that Aspire chose for the Speeder Kit and I think the screen on it is absolutely phenomenal. It’s got some nice, smooth, curves to it and it just feels fantastic in the hand. From a strictly aesthetic point of view, this mod is a big win.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review


The Speeder Kit uses Aspires proprietary board in it. It is capable of up to 200 watts and it has a voltage range of .1 – 8.4 volts. It has a TC range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, it does have a full temperature control suite. It can TC SS, Ni, and Ti. There is also a TCR and bypass mode as well as a wattage curve feature. As most of you know, I am a TC vaper. I really don’t run a lot of custom wire and most of the time, I am in stainless steel mode when I am vaping in TC. However, for my reviews, I do test out the TCR on all of the mods that I review. I did test out the TCR on the Speeder Kit and I have to say I just can’t figure it out. Aspire doesn’t go over it in the manual and I really can’t make heads or tails of it. Instead of using a decimal system like most mods do in their TCR function, Aspire decided to go with a percentage system. I guess the best way for you to use this if you are a TCR vaper is to use some trial and error. I think, if you are going to revamp the whole way vapers do something, then you should at least make some mention about it in the manual. Personally, it’s not a huge con to me because I really don’t vape that way. For the people that do use TCR a lot, this is probably going to be a major concern. There is also a slight firing delay on this mod. It’s no big deal and I have definitely seen worse. It is definitely noticeable enough to mention.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review


  • Click the fire button 5 times to lock and unlock the mod
  • Click the fire button 3 times to turn stealth mode on and off
  • Hold the fire and minus button to lock and unlock the keys
  • Press the fire button for 3 seconds when the mod is locked to turn the mod off
  • Hold the fire button and plus button to select your material/mode
  • In CPS mode, hold the plus and minus buttons to enter your curve settings

I have to give Aspire a lot of credit. This is definitely one of the simpler menu systems on the market today. It is extremely easy to learn and to operate. They did a great job on this part of the mod.


I think the Speeder mod is extremely accurate when it comes to power mode and TC. This mod does a bang-up job in both modes. I was actually surprised at the job that it did in TC. I have used several different stainless steel builds on many different tanks and it always did a very good job in temperature control. Just a really good all around chip.

I probably don’t have to tell you but as you can see, I’m not really a huge fan of the tank or the coil system. I just expect a lot more from Aspire especially when they came out with a tank like the Cleito Exo. That is a tank that I really like and I thought had some really good flavor to it. It also had a fantastic coil system available as well. The Athos just does not live up to the reputation that Aspire has created with its other tanks. I think the coil system could have been a lot better and Aspire just did too many things wrong with the tank that I mentioned earlier in the review. In my opinion, the Athos tank is just not worthy of the Aspire name.


  • A better designed tank
  • A better coil family
  • Less airflow

While the Speeder is a great mod, I am reviewing the whole kit. Where this kit falls on its face is with the tank. The design on the tank just leaves a lot to be desired as far as features go. I went over all the cons earlier in the review so I’m not going to go over them again here. The design on this tank is just awful. The coils are also a problem because the recommended ranges on them are just too tight and the tank is just too airy for the types of coils that were designed for. If they would have cut down on the airflow on the coils, I think the flavor would have been increased exponentially. So while the mod is absolutely fantastic, I think the tank just leaves the user wanting more. The tank is a below average tank especially when compared to its main competition.


This is a really nice mod with an awesome feel to it. It vapes really well in all modes and I think the ergonomics on it are just fantastic. It is a very easy to carry mod and I think any vaper would get a ton of enjoyment out of it. While I can’t recommend the kit as a whole I can definitely recommend the mod. This is a seriously accurate mod in both power mode and TC mode. Just do yourself a favor and if you have a chance, just pick up the mod and leave tank where you find it. I think you’d be better off getting a much nicer mid-range tank to pair with your Speeder mod. They are definitely out there and they perform a lot better than this Athos tank.

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