How to Install Wall Shelves in Your Home

Nice wall shelves can replace a bad art with something both attractive and useful. Whatever wall shelf you want to install, this post will guide you on how to do so just like a pro. If you follow the following tips, you will find it very easy to install wall shelves yourself without the help of anyone.

Locate placement of wall shelf

To begin with wall shelf, you must first locate the shelf on your wall. To hold the shelf in position to determine the location and the height you desire. Once you have placed the wall shelf at the place you desire, use a standard level to level it. Use a pencil to mark the wall locating the right and left sides of the shelf.

Mark the mounting hole line on the wall

Use a level pencil line that represents the height of the mounting holes to mark the wall. Flip over the shelf and look at the mountain brackets. Shelves usually come with secure mounting brackets.

Wall Shelves

Measure the first mounting hole

After marking the line on the wall to establish to create the height of the mounting holes, it would now be very easy to locate the holes. Be sure to take your time because what will break or make your installation is how you do the placement, whether it’s proper, or improper.

Measure the distance between bracket holes

For you to be able to mark the position of the second mounting hole, you will have to measure the distance between the mounting holes. Follow the following steps to do just that:

  • Flip over the shelf
  • Take a tape measure and place it at the right edging of the of the bracket mounting hole at the left
  • Hold the tape and measure taut, and measure the distance to the right end of the bracket mounting at the right.

Measure and mark the location of the second mounting hole

In this step, you will transfer all these dimensions you got from the immediate previous step to your wall, particularly the space you want to install your wall shelf. Transfer the measurement between the mounting holes to the wall.

Start at the location of the first mounting hole and measure through the mounting hole line on your wall the exact distance between the mounting holes. You need to mark that location. It is actually the center of the second mounting hole.

Wall Shelves

Install wall anchors

Drill a hole in your wall for every mounting holes you had located in the steps above. Drill a précised and clean hole into every mounting hole locations you had marked on the wall, and then insert an anchor into each of the two holes.

Final shelf installation

After the wall anchors are in place, proceed to align the wall shelves mounting bracket holes carefully over each anchor screw and then slide the shelf down slowly onto the mounting bracket. Yes, that’s it! You have just done it like a pro, and you can now enjoy the look and feel the wall shelves bring into your living space.

Install a Wall Shelf in Your Home in 9 Easy Steps – The Spruce
Mark Mounting Hole Line on Wall. Measure down from the top of the shelf to the top of the bracket slot. Next, measure down from the mark you made on the wall for the top of the shelf. Using a standard box level, mark a level pencil line the width of the shelf establishing the height of the mounting holes.