50W Zelos by Aspire mod with Nautilus 2 mouth to lung 2ml tank

What’s the secret to enjoying every e-liquid to the fullest? Flexible performance, and that’s exactly what you get with the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit. This box mod starter kit includes the acclaimed Aspire Zelos 50W box mod, the Aspire Nautilus 2 mouth to lung 2ml sub ohm tank and a pre-installed 1.8Ω 18-23W BVC coil, plus an additional 0.7ohm BVC Coil, giving you the essentials required to fully savor the flavor of your favorite e-juices at wholesale prices.

Different e-juices vaporize ideally under unique conditions. That’s why the box in the Aspire Zelos50W Starter Kit gives you the ability to customize its performance with ease. You can adjust the power output of the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod from 1 to 50 watts. Resistance and voltage can be adjusted by .1 increments, so you can fine-tune the power output to suit your exact needs.

To maximize the flavor profile of your favorite e-juices, the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod offers temperature control performance. The box mod in the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit can support Ni200, titanium and three different types of stainless steel coils, keeping the temperature within ideal range to produce flavorful vapor that never tastes burned.

The Aspire Zelos 50W Kit is truly designed for life on the go. The vape mod measures 128 millimeters in height by 23 millimeters in width by 38 millimeters in thickness, making it small enough to fit in your pocket. Sleek and simple to grip, the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod has an anodized aluminum finish that is resistant to wear and tear but lightweight for easy handling. A powerful built-in 2500mAh Li-Po battery lets you vape for hours before you need to recharge with the included cable.

Controlling the Aspire Zelos 50W box mod is a simple task. The two adjustment buttons are intuitively positioned, and the bright .69-inch OLED display lets you gain insight into performance with just a quick glance. As you move the Aspire Zelos 50W box, the display flips and rotates automatically just like the screen on a smartphone. This way, you can see the data without having to turn your head.

The Aspire Nautilus 2 tank included in the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit is designed with the needs of flavor enthusiasts in mind with a prominent drip top. The 2-milliliter Nautilus tank boasts advanced BVC coil technology with a bottom vertical structure that enhances the taste of vapor.

Its design promotes wicking, ensuring that a steady stream of e-juice is vaporized for reliable performance, even through long vaping sessions. A short chimney further improves the taste of vapor.

With five airflow holes, the Aspire Nautilus 2 tank gives you the freedom to set the resistance at the exact level that you desire. You can adjust the airflow to move through just one hole for a restrictive, satisfying draw or leave the holes open for a free movement of air. The top-fill design of the tank in the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit makes refilling on the go so simple.

Prepare to taste your favorite e-juices in a whole new way. Get the box mod starter kit made with flavor connoisseurs like you in mind. Order the Aspire Zelos 50W Kit today.




IJOY Captain Subohm Tank VS Uwell Crown 3


  1. The top cap can be screwed out easily ,convenient for refilling.
  2. The coil can be pulled out directly, simple for changing coils.
  3. Two types of multiple-coil brings differentflavors and vapor.
  4. Multiple colors of the two atomizers for choice.



  1. Tank Capacity: Uwell Crown 3-5ml, IJOY Captain 4ml
  2. Ijoy Captain has a design of groove in the middle of the tank that can reduce the heat conduction; Uwell doesn’t have such a design.
  3. The inflow into IJOY Captain is more stable and mild. The dome design in the atomizer can help to produce much denser and softer vapor;  The inflow of Uwell  Crown 3 is fierce.
  4. The drip tip of IJOY Captain is much wider and the diameter of the upper part is bigger than that of the lower part. Such design is helpful for collecting the reflux condensation and thus reduce the condensation into the mouth; Uwell Crown 3 has different-colored drip tips and the drip tip is attached witha top cap that you can cover the drip tip when it’s not in use and can also block the dust.
  5. Ijoy Captain is pre-installed with a CA2 coil which is formed of heating wires made of different materials. Such a coil can bring a higher reduction degree of the flavor and the gold-electroplated bottom of the coil is of better electrical conductivity. The coil installed in Uwell Crown 3 is a single-coil and its bottom is not gold-electroplated.  Ijoy Captain C8A can allows a maximum 120w output, while Uwell Crwon 3 only supports a maximum 90w output.